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Our Friendship Will Ever Be
 Written by, Sharon L Kozlowski
B 1949 - D 1994
Provided by her daughter, Kim

     Goodbye my friend. The time has come for me to go my way. I've been here much to long, and simply cannot stay.
    I know I'll miss your gentle way, and everything we do, But do not fret or be upset, for I shall always be with you.
    Each time you see a smiling face or look upon the lea. Stop awhile, exchange a smile, and think again of me. 
    I shall often see your image in the faces I will pass,
as I go about my travels in that land -- still in the past.
    We say goodbye and then we cry as friends so often do, as they part from one another just like me and you. 
    But think this one thought as we go our seperate ways, 
There will always be tomorrow, and yet another day.
    Our friendship does not end here for it will ever be, 
and in the end we will meet again sure as the river meets the sea.

This poem helped me and I hope it helps you.
KIM (Sharon's daughter) (kim)

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