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My 10 Tips to the 
Young Generation

My 10 Tips to the Young Generation

I am 89 years old, have written many books, traveled and lectured in many countries and would like to share with you, as I would with my own grandchildren, my ten steps toward a successful and good life.

1.  Be optimistic, the best is still to come.
2.  Be the captain of your own life and ship, there are always up and down waves.
Be kind and gentle. Sugar will get you further than vinegar.  Anger gets you nowhere.
4.  Add respect to love and friendship.
5.  It doesn't matter how much you earn but how much you save.
6.  Two jobs may get you more security in life.
Don't act fast when you make decisions. Put the thoughts under your pillow and sleep on them.  Next morning you'll know what to do.
Don't blame others for failures you could have prevented.  Move on to better things.
Don't waste time looking too often at your past.  It's the tomorrow that counts.
10.  Don't love yourself too much.
By: Kurt Singer, age 89, 2000
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