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Never Give up
By: Rich Lail
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    I had hit the lowest low that I have known
    Every day a bit harder than each yesterday
    God forbid that any man should know that level of hopelessness and desperation
    It was there, in my darkest night
    When laughter ran away from me
    And shadows tore at my soul, that I found truth
    I was one man, alone, against the world
    Beating my chest and demanding a fair shake from life
    Never really stopping to ask what would truly satisfy this longing within me.
    Hard living has taken its' toll
    And the fleeting moments of peace seemed to fade ever faster
    Leaving me with nothing to show for all my troubles
    Writhing in self-pity and empty pride
    I gave up and resigned myself to the shadows
    Knowing I wasn't long for this world, and hoping for nothing more
    But through the darkness a light shone upon me
    In my shame I turned away at first, but I stopped
    "What do I have to lose?"
    The words rang throughout my head for a month solid
    But there, in my filth, in my guilt, and in my weakness
    Was the reason I started seeking...
    Because this was the best I could do, this was my apex
    And there, in the Valley of Shadows, God found me
    From the ashes of my old life He built me up into a new man
    Most of the time I fought Him as He patiently raised me
    Temptations, frustrations, sometimes I just don't understand
    I try to understand the Carpenter who died my death for me
    But mystery still surrounds me and blinds my eyes...
    But the one truth that I have found
    The one thing I can pass on to those who come after me is this...
    Never, never give up.
    Thank you, Jesus. 
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