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Is This The First Generation 
Not More Successful than the Previous?
By: Robert Wakefield, 1999
    I personally have heard and read many times about how my generation is the first generation that will not become more successful than our father's generation. Example: My great grandfather - Shoemaker, who never went to college, worked hard to put his son through school. My Grandfather, a teacher, the first generation to go to college. My father, an Engineer, went 8 years to college. His son, (me) graduates college, finds a job not related to the field for hourly wage that just barely meets family needs.
    So, what do I have to say to the next generation? 

    Well, have you heard the old saying - Go to school, get a good education, get a good job (is this their  journey of the broke?), and keep your nose clean and you'll be set? Forget it, I believe this is no longer true. 

    All the "secure" companies (i.e.. IBM, Kodak, etc.) are down sizing. No such thing as security, ANYWHERE.  The only way to get ahead these days is to work for yourself.  If you work for someone else then you are helping them fulfill their dreams not yours.  Yes, they will give you the titles & some raises (raises that do not even keep up with inflation) but they do that to try to keep you happy. The analogy I like to use about what employers do to employees is:

    The Frog
    If you put a frog in boiling water - he jumps out. Put a frog in cold water, then turn up the heat and eventually you have a cooked frog! 

    Hire an employee  then throw him to the wolves. what will he do?  He'll leave and get another job. If you keep him happy with titles and pats on the back he'll puff up his ego and stay while the employer drains their employees' dreams.

    Most of my views have come from a book that I have read: Who Stole The American Dream? However these views are not specifically the views of the author of this book.

    I have so much more to say about this topic (i.e.. How this government's taxes are designed for people owning their own business, etc.)

    Thanks for allowing me to voice my view. Hope it is not too much?

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