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 Attitude is Everything
By: Jeff Keller,1999
What is the key to a happy, successful life? 
I think it is found in these principles: 
    Attitude is Everything. 
    As Earl Nightingale said, "We Become What We Think About."  We are always moving in the direction of our dominant thoughts.  That's why it's so important to have a positive attitude and a positive belief system.  Your thoughts create your reality.  
    Look at life through a spiritual lens.  
    You have a special purpose in life and your "job" is to find that purpose and develop your potential.  You will receive guidance from a Higher Power on your journey to help you develop that potential.  Also, everything happens for a reason and when you surrender to that concept, your life will make more sense and flow more easily. 
 Confront Your Fears.
Throughout your life, you will be challenged to confront your fears. If you back away from your fears, you'll never develop your potential. You always feel better about 
    yourself when you confront the fears that are standing in the way of your personal and professional growth. 
The true joy is in giving 
...and being of service to others. Accumulating possessions or awards can be nice for a little while, but they don't provide everlasting satisfaction. That only comes when you give of yourself and serve others.  
    Love yourself and love others. 
    High self-esteem is critical to enjoying your life and realizing your potential. Each person has greatness and abundant love within. When you love and value yourself, you can give that love to others as well. Approach every situation with love...and you can't go wrong. Easier said than done!  Practice, you'll get it.
Maintain your perspective. 
Most of the things that you think are important...are not! If you have your health, work you love, and the love of friends and family, you have what is truly important. 
    Be careful of the words you use.  The words you use will program your mind for success, mediocrity or failure.  It's your choice.
Associate with Positive People.  The people you spend time with have a profound influence on you.  Hang around positive people if you want to be positive and successful. 
    Be willing to fail.  The only way to achieve success is to be willing to fail along the way.  Don't be afraid to fall on your face now and then.  Stay focused on the end result, keep taking action and you'll eventually get there.  
Find the benefit in every problem or setback.   There's much truth to Napoleon Hill's words that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.  Don't get discouraged when things seem to go "bad."  There is opportunity lurking in these situations!
    Honesty and integrity are crucial.  Resist any temptation to be dishonest or deceptive.  What you send out in life will come back to you (like a boomerang).  When you are honest, people will want to do business with you...and they'll want to be around you.  You'll be respected...and gain your own respect.  
Be a lifelong learner.  There's so much to learn at every phase of your life.  Be open to new ideas and to learning new skills.
    Embrace change.  Whether you like it or not, things are always changing. Be flexible!  
Have a sense of humor.  Take time every day to laugh -- especially at yourself. 
    Exercise and take care of your physical body.  No need to be fanatical, but if you don't take care of yourself physically, it will drastically impact the enjoyment you'll get from your life.
Well, that's about all the wisdom I can offer for now.  Believe in yourself and may God bless you on your journey.  

With Love, 



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