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Hey Kids! Pay Attention! 
By: Dennis J. Webb 
We did not know as much as you can. You won't know as much as we do unless you work at it. Today as you read this is the fleeting present. 40 years from now you will be an old-timer struggling to keep up. Never be arrogant in your knowledge because it will be superceded. Always chase after and share new knowledge, as if it were a social grace. 
If you add up what we have learned in the last few hundred years, you can see that our species is a transient thing - in 100,000 years we will be another species. Think about what you should do today and tomorrow and the rest of your life to be responsible to the species which follow us. What should you be doing to insure something of us survives a big asteroid impact on our beloved planet? Big questions with answers that will change each century. 
Dennis Webb 
June 3, 1998
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