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What Will You Learn
From the Past Generation

By Jessica Giordano, 1998

My children,
what will you learn from past generations? 
And what is the price you're willing to pay? 
Open this book, and here you will find, 
Some beautiful words gentle and kind.

Through the land of untamed knowledge 
About children, adults and those in college. 
Learning the words from the young and the wise, 
Escape the words of hate, deceit and lies.

Opinions they vary, each different in every way 
But you should note they differ day by day 
Let's look into the minds of people 
People on the streets, in a school or under a steeple.

Some black, some white, some young some old 
Even toddlers as I have been told. 
All with words that will inspire us. 
But listening to them is a must.

What they say, you will soon know. 
It will teach your mind to expand and to grow. 
While reading their preaching, 
Don't forget the words we the youth are teaching.

You're mind will be enlightened. 
But best of all your kids minds will be brightened. 
So open this book and take a peek. 
And, you will find the information you seek.

The lucky will be the next generation. 
To read and hear the thoughts of our duration. 
The duration of our thought-filled hearts, 
And, your world can explore all parts.

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