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It's difficult for one person standing alone.
    By: Alexander W, from Collins Correctional Facility, 1998
    My favorite quote:
    "Education is our passport to the future.
    For tomorrow belongs to the people who
    prepare for it today."  Malcolm X
    If there were anything I would tell the next generation it would be that one person standing alone would not really make a difference. I am saying it is very difficult for just one person to be heard by himself because this generation will not come together for any just cause.  It's very hard to get people of other races to see eye-to-eye to come together to fight for what is right.  People in these days are only out to get what they can for themselves.  It's as if everybody is thinking and saying, "F#ck the next man." This is why our neighbors as well as our prison systems are the way they are.  As long as we as people keep our self separate from each other the divide and conquer method will have us at each other's throat and the end result will be confusion.  For necessary change to take place it requires people of the nations and races to band together for justice and equality for all mankind.  To make this place a better land for our grandchildren to live one person's opinion will not be enough to negotiate the situation that needs to be addressed.  It takes a nation of millions to bring about world change.  This is the only method I think would help the next generation.  Peace. 
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