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 Each Person Has Lived an Adventure
Stephanie Toso
    Everyday is an adventure. Don't let anybody ever tell you that you are living the in best days of your life. Think of everyday as the best day of your life. Never turn down a new experience. Think of it as an adventure. I am only 21 years old, and I have worked as a secretary, a customer service rep in a print shop, a camp counselor, a youth director, and a telemarketer (which by the way, is what got me here!) And I still attend college. I've learned that if you say no, you miss out on the wonders of the world. Also, don't be concerned with what religion people are, or which God created them. If they are good people, thank your God that you had the opportunity to meet them. Then learn something from them. If they are not good, thank God anyway, and learn from their mistakes. Learn from it. Never stop this learning. Treat everyone you meet as if they can teach your something, and they will. You will be better for it.
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Stephanie earns her living in Telemarketing, 1998
21 years old
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