This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"

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"This is what I would tell the next generation?"
Be Nice
By: Edie Cao, Age 13, Long Island, NY
    There are many ways to live a perfect/happy life.  One way I know of is to do your best in everything and you will achieve it. Work hard in school, be nice to everyone to whoever's nice to you, and help people as much as you can only to whoever's nice to you also, but don't get carried away.  
    If you work hard in school, you will get good grades.  I would recommend getting an average in the high 90s in most of your subjects to do well.  This way, everybody will envy you and treat you like a leader. 

    Being nice to someone is a very important thing to do, especially if you're an adult.  If someone needs help with their homework or classwork, I would probably help them-but only if they are nice to me; if they are not, I refuse to help them.  That's why I advise you to help people who are nice to you. Being nice only to someone who is nice to you also applies with helping people-only those who are nice.  If you help people, they will all think you are a nice person.  Just don't always let them consult you whenever they're in trouble.  I once helped Bobby C. on his math homework-how to add and subtract fractions and he's nice to me. 

    If you follow all of the above, you are guaranteed to live a perfect/happy life.  You can always be nice to someone, or help them out, but you should also work hard in school and people will think of you as the best.  I recommend you try it.  I have been nice to a lot of people and they are nice to me, too.  Take my advise, and I swear to you-your life will be so much better. 
      Eddie Cao, 1999
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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"

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