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 Happiness vs. Pleasure
Rhett Segall,  51, Father of one. Teacher, Wyantskill, NY
    As you face the challenge of life, perhaps the advice of your Granddad will not seem too presumptuous.  Be careful not to confuse happiness with pleasure.  Constantly ask yourself: does this really make me happy? The ever greater opportunity afforded by our society has decreased the experience of genuine happiness. The joy that comes from self-discovery, noble paths pursued and rich friendships developed, demand great effort and imagination as well as the willingness to delay gratification. But, they  dwarf happiness for the immediate satisfaction of the pleasure of food, sex, fame and power.  

    Please keep in mind the primacy of the personal.  Unfortunately, the computer is ever more going to become the paradigm of life.  This will be disastrous for a truly human life.  People will be evaluated in terms of the quantity and alacrity of their achievements.  But computer-like activities can never bring meaning to life.  Only people can do that.  Always remember you are a person.  Lastly, my dear Grandchildren, consider time far more from the standpoint of quality then quantity. Learn to appreciate the now of life.  Don't fail to enjoy your friend's laughter for fear you're losing time.  Don't hesitate to watch the sunset or hold your children out of concern you won't get things done.  If you experience the now of life, you will open a depth to your existence that will radiate in everything you do.  You will truly live.

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