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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"

Politeness counts.
Really it does!

Luce, 1996
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William James Bennett, City of Washington, 1834
Politeness, Amazing and Gratifying
Luce Neilson, Married, Actress, New York, NY 1996
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Never lose your curiosity about anything and everything.  It helps you as a young person growing up to find your special interests and as an older person to grow old.  It's challenging  to find what you want to do with your life but along the way be open to the people and the world around you.  Try to be considerate, courteous and compassionate of your fellow man in this crowded society.  Simple words such as please, thank you, excuse me, etc., seem to have been dropped from the American vocabulary.  It's amazing and gratifying to see the effect an expression of politeness can have on people.  And it certainly is less stressful.  So, let consideration, courteousness, compassion and curiosity be a part of your daily life.  And it will make living a much more pleasant experience for all of us.
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