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Essay by: Larry Ranucci, Married, Age 64, 5 children, 8 grandchildren,Consultant, 1996
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We Become What We Think About
    Remember, we become what we think about. When I was a kid, I saw The Wizard of Oz forty times but I never got the message. I loved the Wizard, I hated the Witch. However, I never knew the key . . . and it was in front of me all the time. Dorothy, came across a Scarecrow. He thought he had no brains - and, you know, the Lion he thought he had no courage. Every time Dorothy got in trouble - who was the one who figured out how to get her out of trouble? It was the Scarecrow! But - he had no brains! There was one guy - he kept crying because something was breaking. He couldn't use his oil can because he cried so much his joints rusted. What was breaking? His heart. But according to him he thought he had none! So, stop and think about this, the key is you really have what you wish already inside of you. If you were incapable of attaining it, you would never be able to wish it. A guy says, "Gee, I wish I could sing opera, be a prize fighter." In his molecular structure . . . in his being he couldn't entertain that wish if he didn't have it in him to achieve it. There's a certain stage in our life when reality enters and fantasy leaves. I noticed, when I was a young man, my son - he was a little kid watching Superman, he'd be so intent watching Superman when the commercial came on he threw his hands up in the air and pretend he was flying about the room. In his mind he was flying. If you take a magic wand, and you have an audience and you go through this audience and you touch each head and say, "I'm the fairy godfather, I'm going to make your wish come true. But you've got to wish your dream. Don't wish for a bologna sandwich. Don't wish the rain stops. But make a real wish. The wish of your dreams." You will find wishes like . . . I wish for health . . . I wish for love . . . I wish . . . you know . . . all these wishes. But, did you ever hear anyone say, "I wish I could fly? I wish I were invisible." They can't wish for that. You know why? In childhood, reality leaves at a certain age. But see, the thing you really wish, you are capable of. This is what people don't know. A guy says, "I wish I was this, I wish I had a girl . . . I wish . . . I wish . . ." These things are right at his finger tips but he can't see it. For him to have the wish, he's capable of it. Just the way the Scarecrow was capable of helping Dorothy and he said he didn't have a brain while all the while he was the intellectual in the bunch. Remember, "The square root of the sum of the sides of an isosceles triangle . . ." People need to realize they have everything they want already latent within themselves. Like, a guy says. Look at the Empire State building. Before it appeared someone had to think of it. It was in their mind and they put it on paper. And it appeared. So, if a person wants success, he's capable of it. He doesn't have to sit in the street and become a bag person. He's already capable of success. Have a strong belief in your dream and it will come true. The key is: We become what we think about."
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