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Every Day You 
Accomplish Something Worthwhile
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William James Bennett, Boston From The Ship House, 1832

I guess the only thing that I would tell the next generation is to enjoy life because no one can be for sure what exactly will happen once it is over. I think it is most important to do something that has a positive impact on the people around you; that way, you will be remembered for what you accomplished and not for the mistakes you may have made.  If you spend too much time worrying about day-to-day things like work, bills, and checkbooks; then you will miss the really important things like speaking out for those things that you believe in, nurturing your children, and taking the time to help others.  In the future, I imagine, it will be easier to miss out on these opportunities because of technology and because it is easier to plug into the internet than it is to volunteer your time at a shelter or in a program like Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  If every day you accomplish something worthwhile, then you will never be disappointed when your time is up; and others will celebrate your life rather than only mourning your loss.
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