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Dear Gems

By: Mik M, Age 36,
Married,Actress/Teacher, New York City

 My faith in a Divine Order and my willingness to act my part in the great drama of the universe is the keystone in my life.  My faith keeps my attitude clear and bright.  It is a light leading me out of swamps of resentment, self pity and despair.  It reminds me about gratitude and fills me with joy.  It inspires me to love and be loved, to forgive and to be forgiven, to pray and to receive blessings.  What gives meaning to me is my desire to experience the sacred and my search for it in life.  What gives value to my life is a strong personal relationship with a higher power or cosmic force. What fulfills me deeply is a connection of the heart with nature, with a friend, with family and community, with work and art and with the eternal presence inside myself. To celebrate the unity of all spiritual ideals which teaches respect toward the many different forms of worship, which honors the unique value and freedom of each individual is the light of tolerance and truth that I hand over to you gems of the earth.   The last thing that I want to share is the way to experience life from beginning to end as a wondrous adventure.  It is by never losing the sense of play and contact with the eternal child within.  The inner child uses play to organize, communicate, understand, adapt and change the world.  In the mood of play, challenging labors and dangerous situations have openings of light and laughter that help you hope, improvise, and balance until joy, love, freedom inherent in everything is felt.  Never lose the spirit of play because spontaneity and creativity are there own rewards.  It is the process, the journey, the flow of life that is most important.

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