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Use Your Manners 
Jessica M Age 8, Elementary School, Florida 
When you go somewhere or company comes over 
you should use your manners. 
Here are some manners to use;
      1. Act like a young lady or man.
      2. Keep your elbows off the table.
      3. Keep your hands and feet still.
      4. Say please and thank you.
      5. Eat healthy food from food groups. 
      6. Do not take drugs or any alcohol.
      7. Exercise everyday to stay healthy.
      8. Take baths or showers every day.
      9. Do not eat a lot of candy.
      10. Sometimes take a nap.
      11. Drink lots of water.
      12. Use your brain every day.
      13. Do not talk to strangers.
      14. Most of all, pray every day.
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