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Sherry Gerodimos
"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; 
but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not 
see the one which has been opened for us." Helen Keller
Charity in the Form of Love
By: Sherry Gerodimos, Age 27, Married, 2 Children, 
Medical Student, Clearwater, Florida.
    What ever you do in life, put your heart, mind and soul into it.  It is important to take special care of the opportunities entrusted to you in your lifetime.  Your daily work is a representation of yourself and builds the image of who you are.  Be a worthy person; make a difference in this world.  If you keep mottos in your life include this: Charity, in the form of love, starts at home.  Love your children, parents, siblings and friends with every ounce of your soul. 
    Believe in yourself.  Believe your love is valuable.  You are just as important as the sun in the sky.  (For you are here too.)  Give your love and energy with as much effort as you can afford without hurting yourself or your family's needs.  Love people enough to reach out, even at the risk of being rejected.  It is much better to be nice than right.  Take the high road.  People will remember what a good person you are.  They won't remember how right you were in an argument, but rather how wrong you tried to make them appear.  No one wants to be wrong. We all want to feel important and that our ideas are good.  Maybe the other person's ideas are just as great as yours.  Compromise. Strive for that ideal relationship right now. 

    Remember, you love these people.  Treat them with love and your life will be blessed in more ways than you can ever count.  Keep trying.  Never give up.

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