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Do Not Waste Your Talents 
By: Joyce Mason, 1998 
    Do  not to waste your talents, regardless of what that talent might be and EVERYONE has a talent. So many times I hear people talking about how unimportant they are, how insignificant they consider themselves. Self confidence parallels ability and ability comes with developing talents. Learn to persevere. If you haven't reached your goal, what ever that goal might be, and you give up, you have automatically given up too soon.  Learn discipline. Without discipline you will never develop your talents and you will never learn to persevere.   

    When asked what I admired most about William Shatner my answer was the way he has developed his talents. That development is what has made him a great horseman, an incredibly successful writer, actor, producer, director, skier, father.  When he etermined to become a horseman he knew it would require training and practice. The trainer he could hire. The practice he would have to do himself. So he was up and out at 6:am every morning to practice for an hour or two before he started his day. He went from the bottom, where he felt like an idiot, to the top where he is highly respected as an equestrienne.  It has taken years to develop a raw talent but he did it. He was one hundred percent disciplined in his perseverance.    

    One more thing Bill Shatner has succeeded in doing is keeping his perspective regarding himself. He is confident about his acting, his writing, his other talents but he has no ego personally. He never, personally, seeks the limelight but accepts it only as part of his profession. He has remained kind and caring about people, about the world we live in.    

    Develop your talents, persevere, be disciplined and be true to yourself. 

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