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Who You Are is an OK Thing
Stuart Pyle, Age 37, Married, Teacher, NY, NY, 1998 
 As a teacher of children from three years old to twelve years old, I often tell them, "Look, who you are is a really great thing.  Don't worry so much about trying to be anything.  Don't worry so much about the things that you don't do well enough or the things you don't have enough of.  Just strive to be OK with who you are.  And, those things will come in if those are the things that you're supposed to be doing, if those are the things you're supposed to have."  I don't necessarily say these things in this way, it's kind of where I come from, I mean that's how I try to live my own life.  And it's taken me a long time to get to that.  I spent a long time really worrying about trying to be something, or not doing enough, or not having enough.  Just go from that experience.  So, what I try to give them is self accepting of who they are, not always on what they do.  But, if that's who they are, it's really an OK thing. 
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