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The Spiritual Dimension of Who We Are
Bruce Segall, Age 55, Married, Four children, Principal, 1997
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    True religions direct us to prayer and other internalizing
    exercises which keep us in contact with the God within us.  This same prayer also directs us outward.   If I were going to share any advice with the next generation, it would be simply this, "Be True to Your Religion."

    Unfortunately, there have been all kinds of extremes in the name of religion from wars, to murders, to suicides.  But these extremes and aberrations should not keep us from the essentially hopeful, uplifting, and transcending nature of true religions.  True religions, to me, involve a this-worldly and other-worldly dimension.   

    The this-worldly dimension directs us to wholesome living by energizing  towards society.  True religions are always involved in works of mercy and justice, such as helping the hungry, overcoming prejudices of all kinds, and assisting the poor.   

    True religions also have an other-worldly dimension.  They help us understand that this earth is not our true home.  We are destined to be with God for all eternity.  As much good as we try to undertake in this world, it will never eliminate the evils and tragedies that are contained within it.  

    True religions direct us to a final resolution, to a final victory of good over evil.   Whatever religion you were born into or are attracted to, search for the truth contained within it.  Look for those this-worldly and other-worldly dimensions which unite all of us in the one true God who longs to gather us together.

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