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  This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
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Take Care of Your World 
My name's Lisa, and I go to Minnetonka High School 
I'd like to answer that, if you really like, however, I hope you're aware that I'm IN the next generation, I'm 14.  If I can still be of assistance, I'd love to help.  
First of all, can you just say,  
"What would you tell the next generation?  
Well, let's see.  I'd probably say to take care of your world in all areas.  Preserve what little is left of nature.  Clean up your own messes.  Make love, not war.  Be responsible, but don't be afraid to have fun.  Don't oppress others - by denying them freedom, you are chaining yourself by the same rules.  Stay open-minded - no one ever got anywhere better by standing still or moving backwards.  And never, ever forget what it's all about - love, acceptance and understanding.  
The single most influential experience upon my life would have to be attending Camp Warren [YMCA Summer Camp]. It is a nurturing, loving, accepting community free from judgment and oppression, and I've never been as happy or as free as I am there.  I've learned to do as much as I can to make my world mimic that for the time I must be away from it.  
What have you 
learned from other 
people's mistakes?  
I'd say the biggest thing I've learned is to seize the day.  I've seen and been told of so many wasted lives as well as had the examples set of what one can do with the time they're given, and I'm determined not to waste the time I'm granted on earth.  
If you could 
retrace your steps, 
what would you 
I would take even more chances and pour every ounce of my heart into everything I did.  I would hug people more and tell them I love them.  I would savor each day without worrying about the future or overanalyzing the past.  I'd just love the fact that I am alive more.  
What event or 
person touched your 
heart? What affect 
did it have on you?  
My best friend Tina's very untimely death affected me terribly.  She as a person more than touched my heart; she left a never fading imprint upon it.  Again, it just made me value my life that much more, and realize how very vulnerable we are as a species.  
What events most 
influenced your 
spiritual growth?  
My spiritual growth has come less from events as total experiences.  My camp experiences are definitely the most influential, followed closely by my friendship with Tina, her death, and the realization and acceptance of certain parts of myself.  
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