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A Sense of Humor 
Paul C. S., Age 70, Professor, Married, 1 Child, Korea, 1997 
    I don't use shaving cream - soap works just as well, but only in places where the water is soft. First, then, try new things - new methods, new friends, new experiences - but with reservations.  
    Sometimes, though, even in New York, soap doesn't work; in which case, I use good old-fashioned shaving cream. So, don't discard the old.  

    There are times, however, when my face is raw, not too often; then I use my electric razor (a present from my wife).  

    However you shave, stay focused; otherwise, you'll cut your face or pull a whisker. You can't shave and comb your hair at the same time. You may end up bald, with a beard, So, one thing at a time.  

    Ever tried to shave your head? Monks do that as a sign of detachment from the world. The hustle and bustle of things, old and new causes headaches, sometimes quite severe ones. What to do? There are many books on that. Read a few. Learn a technique for getting away from it all - even when you're in a rush-hour snarl.  

    Yesterday I was visiting with my bald headed brother. His wife was just leaving and placed an affectionate kiss on his bald head.  

    You get it? You of the next generation: Try things old and new, do one thing at a time, sometimes get away from it all, but most of all have love.  

    p.s. A sense of humor helps too. 

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