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The Most Productive Thing 
By: Paul Joseph, G.N, NY, 1998 
 The one main thing I want the next generation to know. . .  
if they live by this creed and truly do this in their hearts. . . 
and believe it. . . and can look in the mirror in the morning. . when they're young and brushing their teeth or they're older and shaving as they grow up. . .  if they can go through life with the philosophy and the belief that. . .  "I must do the most productive thing  possible at every given moment,"  then they will succeed in life in everything they want.  Whether its doing the most productive thing could be laying on the beach in Hawaii, if that's deserved.  It might be, having religious study, it might be practicing your musical instrument or studying or going the extra mile.  But, it's certainly not just sitting on your bottom watching cartoons or smoking pot or thinking bad thoughts. I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.  It might be eating the right foods. It might be resting your body and taking care of it.  Or enriching your mind, whatever it is.  If you can honestly say when you reflect back at any time during the day that this is the most productive thing possible you can be doing then you will be truly successful in every aspect of life.  
 People waste too much of their time.  They don't live to their fullest. And if you want to live it to its fullest, its greatest potential and bring it all out and completely blossom. . .  you need to live by that creed.  And if you can look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say, "I'm doing it.  This is the most productive thing possible for me."  Then there'll be no boundaries . . . no boundaries mental or physical no aspirations or desires ever imagined that you won't reach.  Because, most people don't live by that.  And the one's who do, succeed beyond all expectations.   This is the whole thing in a nutshell.  And its it's not limited to work, work, work at any given moment.  That's not what it means. They have to understand it could be total relaxation or family, or whatever.  But it's it.  Not I will do.  I'll try to do.  I might do.  I'm gonna do.  It's I must do.  There's no grey area there.  It's clear as can be.   And then the last thing I will say is you must set goals for yourself and write them down.  If you don't write down your goals, they're only dreams.  Until they're on paper they're just dreams and hopes and wishes.  If you want them to come to fruition and reality you need to write them down and read them every day.  
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