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Do What You Feel is Right 
Remember the backstreet boys are the
best band in the world that is the first thing I would say. 
Life doesn't last very long, so do what you feel is right 
and to treat everyone the way that they expect to be treated. 
I learned not to love someone until you are sure they love you back 
My most worthy success is softball, and traveling with my all star team to different states.  It takes effort right,  sacrifice, I had to give up allot.  Just Saturday I couldn't go to my Aunt's wedding.  I have to miss a lot of stuff, I almost missed a concert I went to for my cousins birthday, but my coach let me leave early.  I learned that if you want to pursue a goal, you have to give up a lot. Whatever you want to do in life, what ever it is, you have to give up a lot. 
One person has actually helped me. Believe it or not is Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys because he is happy to be alive. He has a hole in his heart and ever since he was 5 years old, he has been told that he can't sing like he is now! He didn't listen and look at him now.  He is one of the best singers and his voice is awesome! He gives really good advice about how he is lucky to be alive and how much he loves everyone, his fans his family etc. 
I would tell a person who couldn't find their way in life, to keep on trying.  He or she is definitely gonna find something or someone they are interested in.  When I lose a game or fail a test in school it really makes me mad and I try to do better next time. 
I suffered some things, one is how, because I didn't have a job, I couldn't buy tickets to see a BSB concert. I learned that I need a job to get things that I want and that I have responsibilities. The one major regret that I have is becoming best friends with a backstabber.  You should make sure you know who you are becoming friends with first.  This girl really is nice at times, and claims to be my best friend but at other times I just want to smack her, she can be annoying. 
The thing that I have to say in conclusion is to listen to the backstreet boys CD, it is very inspirational to me, and it has helped me do better in school and I know who to trust now that I have listened to it.  Another thing, whenever you see a person in need, please help them, and don't make fun of them and throw stuff at them, give them a couple dollars to buy them lunch or whatever it takes to help him or her. 
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