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Just Be Yourself 
By:Heidi, 1998 
My advice to the next generation, is just be yourself. As cheesy as it may sound, it's one of the hardest, but most rewarding things in life. Listen to your heart, and don't let others dictate or judge your life. You are you, and that's the way life goes. I have no regrets from my life from being who I wanted to be, not what everyone else wanted me to be. Also, respect everyone and their opinions. You don't have to take them as your own, but accept them as someone else's point of view. Don't be afraid to let people into your heart or to love them. The hardest times in your life are when you're alone. Value your friends and don't take advantage of them. Don't sweat the small stuff, and don't worry about embarrassing yourself. If you've already embarrassed yourself, then forget about it. You can't ever go back and change it, so just leave it be, or learn from it. 
That's my advice 
~Heidi :o) 
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