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Stay Forever Young at Heart 
It is Truly the Fountain of Youth 
    By this I mean, don't try to carry the world upon your shoulders. That's God's job.  Know that stress will only weaken the heart, soul and mind. Age may bring wrinkles, aches and pain, but a young heart will bring happiness, peace and love. Take time to sit on your porch and watch the grass grow. Smell the sweet breeze. Feel the sun warm your skin. Let that smile trickle across your face. Sure I have bills, a full-time job and a full time student, but worring only got me visits to a therapist and a perscription for Prozac. Now that my mind is clear and that chemical imbalance is on the straight and narrow I DON'T WORRY!!!  Easier said than done, I know. Trust me I know, but it has to be done. Worring got me nowhere. I'm  27 years old and only 3 years ago I felt like I was hitting 100. Now people think I'm 19 and 20. Not bad for someone who is only 3yrs. from 30. Your only human and only so much is in your control. Take everything little by little and if it seems to much put it away until you can handle it. It doesn't sound like much will get accomplished this way, but it will slowly but surely. Slow is not always a bad  thing. Us southern people know this. We're about slow as molasses. I honestly think we come up with the phrase "Stop and smell the roses." We just didn't stop at the roses, we got side-tracked and stopped and smelled everything. So if you feel like rollin' in the grass,or skipping, or simply laughing out loud when no one else is around, just do it! You'll feel younger and happier for it. 
    I am a student in Photography.  I will have my associates degree in June 1999. I plan to continue college and get my bachelor's. 
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