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Learn How to Overcome
The Enemy that Lies Within You
Marilú González 16, Rhode Island, September 1998 
One older sister and brother 
and one younger sister (I'm the middle one) 
Cuban, born US. Parents both born in Cuba. 
I would say ... never give up on anything. There's always a way; follow your dreams. Whenever you're feeling down or sad, etc., look up to God. He'll provide strength and carry you beyond belief.  Also, always keep strong and do what makes you happy.  
Live life to its fullest.  
My godfather's death changed my life totally, in a way where I have a regret. I didn't go see him. When he told me he was gonna pay for the plane ticket for me to visit him in FL. I never had been on a plane, and to go alone scared me. Then, after a few months he died.  I'll never get to see him again.  
Mistakes I made.  I become stronger and learned from them, I think with all the bad stuff that happened to me, and I never talked to anybody about it, because I can't trust anyone. I went to God all the time. It brought me sooo close to Him. I'm glad, so, I always know that He's there with me, giving me strength.  
The way I think of things, I do things for me; to get me somewhere in life; and, I'm very grateful to have what I have. because other people don't have much.  I'm lucky to have two arms and legs, to see and hear and walk and have a roof over my head.  Other people don't have that ... I'm lucky to wake up every day. And, that's all thanks to God.  So, I see life a lot different because of experiences I had. I would say that life is hard but you learn from it. You just need to learn how to live with it. 
I learned: never trust anyone as soon as you meet them. Do things for yourself.  Mostly l earned from my mistakes.  I learned from everything -- and what's done is done ... everything that happened brought me a step up in life, but if I were to pick, probably I would have gone to visit my godfather when I had the chance. 
I learned to never fear anything like I feared going on a plane for the first time and by myself, mind you ... so in life you are your worse enemy.  You have to overcome that and never live in fear, because, it won't get you anywhere.  
Reality means to me ... life itself ... when things happen they happen.  You have to face it one way or another. I think my godfather's death showed reality in life to me -- a lot, because, he was a wealthy man and it showed that even though he had money, and all that, it didn't mean he had everything, because, money couldn't save him.  
I have only one major regret and learned, you yourself are your own worse enemy. Because, if I didn't have fear of going on a plane myself, etc., then, I wouldn't have this regret today. But, fear kept me back and brought me this regret, so, you have to learn how to overcome the enemy that lies within you. 
 I always turn to God. Because, I know He's there beside me.  I came to a crossroads once where I had to choose either to go by what my parents wanted to make them proud or do what makes me happy and I went with making me happy, because, I learned, if my parents saw me happy, then, they would accept what I did because -- they were happy to see me happy.  
I do remember once, my father told me to save money to get myself ahead in life and go for what I want and don't let anyone tell me wrong. 
I would say that life is hard but you learn from it.  You just need to learn how to live with it.  No matter what God will be there to supply you with strength that would bring you beyond belief.  He'll always keep you high in His glory. Always go for what you want, never let anyone stop you. Do what makes you happy. Yo gotta take the good with the bad and everyone should always do the good to get you somewhere in life.  Cuz, the bad will always come back to you.  Life is hard but you can find your way and make it far. 
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