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Original Art, Promises Kept in Paradise ©DaleTerbush
Poems by, Charles Albano
To Learn
Hope springs from learning, 
Vision from insight, 
Progress from effort-- 
The burden's not light. 
Still it makes a good habit, 
To learn from the start, 
And a mind used to challenge, 
Is a friend to the heart. 
Be selfish in learning, 
You alone pay the price, 
But share what you know, 
And it pays you back twice. 
One passage through life, 
Is all that we get, 
Take note of life's wonders, 
And leave no regret. 

 The Inner Voice
It's sad that Eddie Bertrand
Lost contact with the voice
That carries such bright promise
In youth to give us choice.
Long ago he was attentive to
His world of inner dreams,
A world that others called, "unfit" 
And tore apart its seams.
"Someday I'll build a sailboat,
Explore the open sea!"
"Boy, you know that's dangerous;
That silly dream can't be!"
"I'll start a business enterprise...
To operate in outer space!"
"Forget that stuff. Grow up, get wise--
You lack the nerve in any case!"
"Great mysteries remain unsolved!"
"There's no payoff in that, Eddie--
Get real, young man, apply resolve,
Find a job that's good and steady."
Discouragement was all he heard--
"You don't have what it takes to win!"
And once his dreams appeared absurd,
They never materialized for him.
Long before he was a man,
The little boy grew old;
Mugging voices overan
His own to turn dreams cold.
Explore your own true dreams;
Define what you can be.
Dreams fulfilled along the way
Create your destiny.
An Infant's Footprint
Of the child who left 
This print,
We see before us
 Just a hint,
Except we know
   That prints like these,
Foretell Great possibilities!
© Charles Albano, 1997, All Rights Reserved.
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    © Charles Albano, 1998.  Published with permission of the author who reserves all rights.  To Learn, initially appeared in the author's website, Adaptive Leadership, 1998.  
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