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Inner Peace and Harmony
By: Fran Capo, 1997 



Inner Peace and Harmony
By: Fran Capo 
Guinness Book of World's Records 
Fastest Talking Female. Stand up Comic, Author, 
Mother of Spencer Patterson 

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No matter how important you think material things are in life [and they do make it more comfortable] inner peace and harmony are key. 
If you control your emotions, no one can control you. If you are at peace then all good things will come your way. 
Have a dream, remember nothing is impossible.  Don't let anyone or anything deter you from your goals in life. Repel the negative, and absorb the positive.  Always be yourself and have a good time.  Visualize yourself as you want to be and you will be it.

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Fran Capo, 1997 
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