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"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
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John Joseph Holland, "A View of Broad Street, 1797"
Never Forget Family Values and Respect
Kandi, Fort Worth, Texas, 1998. 
    I see too many young people who not only have no respect and kindness for others but for themselves also.  A lot of that is our generation's fault.  They are not being taught self respect or the true meaning of life.  I feel society today has lost the values and morals we were raised with and are misguiding our children.  Many have been left to grow up by themselves.  They show no respect [because they don't get respect themselves at home]. This makes it very hard for the next generation to have "mentors."  How else do we expect the next generation to act when our generation is a "Me First" generation? Me first and to heck with other's needs.  What I'm trying to get across to the next generation is this:  In your heart there [truly] is respect and love for yourself and others.  Look inward.  Show the world the next generation is a kind and caring one. 

    Good luck across the generations,  

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