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You Can Defeat Failure and Defeat 
Jessica, Age 14, Student, Aspiring to be professional singer, 
Rhode Island, 1998. 
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    The world can be corrupt, perhaps sick and warped, but not everyone in this world is.  My father's friend died of AIDS 6 years ago. This experience made me reflect on how he was constantly getting 'made fun of.'  My Dad's other friend -- wouldn't stand for anyone making fun of him. And I understood this all -- when I read the Ryan White story.  Always listen to your parents b/c u might need their advice on something someday -- and -- Never turn on your family.  Reality means to me, being a real person-- not being afraid to be yourself.  Failure and defeat can defeat anyone but, it takes a real strong person to get back up, to learn from their mistakes and to defeat failure and defeat.   When it comes to learning something, just push ahead, even if it hurts, like being shy does. I just got over it, being shy, and they way I dealt with it is, I kept saying in my head, "Its nothing.  They're not gonna bite u."  I think my experience of being on stage last year in the school play and b/c of my band and stuff--it really helped me see a few things...  My best friend telling me, 'Dreams can really come true.'  I believe everyone has a Guardian Angel that helps them, not only in times of distress, but is always by your side through thick and thin .. like a true friend. And I believe that everyone's guardian angel is sent from above.  But my beautiful guardian angel is down here on earth being my friend. And I'd like to thank here for everything. Thanks Marilú. Where ever you are. I love you alot for being my friend!  In retrospect, I regret being mean to the little girl with the red hair b/c she was different from me but I would tell others to--not pick on other people--for they are on the outside--but, try to look at them as a unique and different person on the inside.  Good luck in life.  
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