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Hello From Australia
45 married, one son, one grandson, 1998 
    Be kind; be honest; love your neighbor; don't be a racist.  Never judge a person untill you really know them. The way I was brought up wasn't kind.  As a child I told myself I would live a good life and I would work for everything - I wanted, which I have.  Through having an only son, and now a grandson, I have so much to give to them and more I am devoted to other family members. 
    The ups and downs of life have been my learning. I like myself. My husband touched my heart, and life from there has been peace and happiness. I am not a real spiritual person although I believe, I do not go to church but I just love life and to make people happy!  Seeing good and bad in people and just having a good outlook on life I guess. 
    Reality means to me that it is fact and deal with it. I just learned this myself. You can learn from failure and feel good to win. My grandmother and my dad taught me to get on with life and make the most of what you have. Be grateful for living and be grateful for peace and harmony. I have had a cross road or two in my life.I learned to follow my heart. When I was a young girl of 14 just out of school straight into work, I had many jobs over the years.  It has been a good life, learning and experience to me. I wouldn't change anything of it. It made me the person I am today. 
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