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Have a Good Day
By" Peter Lance Segall
January 3, 2001
"You were not put here to be miserable. 
You were just put here.
. . . to be miserable or not - is your choice."
By: Tony Book

Peter Lance Segall

Inspired by 
Betty Buelow, Roanoke, Va 
Written by: Peter Lance Segall
January 3, 2001

Here’s how you do it.  Put the end of the day and the distant future out of immediate attention. It will only produce anxiety.   You don’t have to ignore it, keep it there, but vaguely.  It will very soon become the present. The present is all you have and that's what you are concentrating upon. The distant future will soon take care of itself. 

Think of what’s before you to do and do it.  Action counts.  Certainly give thought to tomorrow. You can do this in a specific session of planing.  Do this every day.  Jot down little notes for tomorrow’s session if something occurs to you. That’s all. Then move on. The day is unfolding, enjoy it. 

You don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be one day behind with no blessings and good times to remember. If you can’t realize them today, how can you remember them tomorrow?  Count the things you accomplished during the day.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Say to yourself, “I’ve had a productive day.” Yes, compliment yourself.  It generates self esteem. 

People usually can forgive mistakes in others easily, if they own up to them and try not to repeat them.  You can just as easily forgive yourself.  Remind yourself of this when you make a mistake. Forgive yourself.  It’s nothing. If you try not to repeat it and move on.  Forget it.  You've done all you can do. After all, time marches on. Don’t get down on your self. Don’t dog yourself. It’s counterproductive and spirals into depression and may even lead to apathy.  Then you’ve had it.  Ever see the homeless ones who exhibit that?  The ones you know have had it.  They’ve hit apathy and there’s no future for them.  And their present sucks. 

Here’s a neat trick. It helps to put things in perspective and to realize you are having a good day:

Practice stepping back and being aware of just where you are and what you are doing. 

I said practice.  You could use an alarm that reminds you to do it periodically. If you do it every thirty minutes during the day, for a few days, soon you will have done it hundreds of times.  And unless you’re addled, that amount of practice should make it a permanent habit. 

This practice will bring you to a point of being aware of where you are now and what you are doing now. And remember, that’s all we have anyway.  Try as we might, we can’t step one second into the future. 

When playing with your kids, think, "This is great." and, "This is fun." and, "I’m enjoying this." 

Then, later in the day reflect. That reflection will bring you additional joy in the present and remind you that you had many enjoyable moments. 

Life can be pretty good, if you work at it.  Not many have this blessing.  You can make it yours.  Practice. Enjoy. After a while, on reflection, you’ll find most days are pretty good.  Your life’s going along the way it should.  So what are you unhappy about?

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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
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