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History and Our Recent
Presentital Election, 11/21/2000 

In our recent Presidential election, often people voted for the wrong reasons, or, didn't vote at all!  It seems that most of the aspirants place political party above the interests of the people.  Their goals are power and control.  The decision of the laws they pass or promulgate are for the benefit of their respective backers.  I would tell the "new generation" to study history.  For it is true that it is repeated incessantly through the ages.  Fortunately, in our time, American politics protect us from anarchy, even though we are not safeguarded from the whim and agendas of the lawyers and politicians.  If we go back to the Roman empires  with Centurians lined up in phalanxes before their generals, each leader claimed his due right to power.  In our times, the current leaders send lawyers and spinmeisters ahead into the foray.  Beware those who lack principles and are void of morality.  Pick the future candidates with care.  Never lose sight of the American dreams of freedom and free speech.  Read,  keep an open mind, and  remember how precious your voices are.

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