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Foundation for the Next
Date: 11/16/2000 (Yilong, Jin)


Hi, I'm Yilong and this is,
What I would tell my next generation:

    Please don't  worry, and don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure. You should relax to  be your best. 

    Remember, if you're under pressure, you'll only have a small margin for error. 

    This generation won't be angry if you get a low grade.  As long as you try harder next time and learn from your mistake, that's what counts. 

    We won't make you feel like you must be the best, but we want you to want yourself to be the best. 

    I hope you add this to your philosophy of life, it will give you  a better foundation so when you grow up, you will have a better future and an even better foundation for the next generation. 

    You will be my legacy and I will be happy with what I left behind.

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to speak to you,



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