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This is the first Chronicle I ever received.  From this essay
I received the inspiration and encouragement
I needed and  knew it would work.
Thank you, Jennifer. Dad, 1994.

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My daughters, Sherry & Jennifer; [1975]
and Jennifer 2001 

Spiritual Nourishment 

Jennifer McC, Age 27, Mother of Three, 
Floral Designer, FL, 1994.

    Be aware that life on earth, as we know it, is short. So,  know the important. Have your life full of love and happiness. Know that love can only give to you what you give to it. Love is giving and receiving. To give love one must accept the responsibilities of the truth for the present. To live in the past can only create a present of chaos. When loving an-other and wanting the riches of happiness you must be ready to accept things as they are. Know there's a power greater than your self that lives and lives within you. Look out and around; see the birds playing; the green graceful trees; the everlasting blue skies; know that each living organism exists, just as you exist. 

     To be human is to our benefit. To learn right from wrong is one of life's greatest accomplishments. Listen to your true conscience. Hear the words spoken from your hearts. The true words will see you through life's dilemmas. There is black and there is white. There is good and bad. Know that money and material things cannot keep one's spirit alive. To find happiness and love one must learn to accept things as they are: accept debts, ac-cept no job or a sickness. These things may be difficult to overcome but the love that I speak of goes much further than that. The body needs food and shelter but the spirit also needs nourishment. To feed one's spirit, to be childlike, one must have love and happiness or the spirit will die and the body cannot survive without a spirit.

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